​Sight fishing in the shallow waters of Galveston West bay (how shallow, 6" to 14") is what we do. Seeing a group of Redfish crashing the shore or with their tails up in the air has caused some to have buck fever, so be ready. Yes, Galveston does have clear water, depending on weather.

     Your choice of 7 or 8 weight Fly Rod or lite tackle is recommended and provided upon request. (You break it you bought it) I will have the flies or lures you will need or you can bring what you like. You will need to be accurate with your cast, so practice before you come.

     12 years of fishing this specific area, from Kayaks and Poling Skiffs, I consider Galveston West Bay my back yard. Red Fish are the main target but you may see Sheep Head and Sea Trout.

    One thing for sure, you will experience a day on the water that you will enjoy. Along with fishing, the sights and sounds of the marsh are amazing. You will be treated with courtesy and respect on a comfortable and stable poling skiff.

    So give me a call and let's go fishing.

    Leaning rail or raised casting platform provided upon request.